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Guide to MyGolfRules

What is MyGolfRules

  • This tab allows you create quizzes of up to 100 questions
  • Like Instant Quizzes you can choose
    • the type of questions you want to answer
    • the difficulty level, and
    • whether or not the quizz should be graded or mouseover answer
  • Unlike Instant Quizzes, you also have an option to limit the scope of your questions by choosing one or more rules to be quizzed on.
    • For Instance, if you wish to be quizzed about water hazard,s you would select 26 - Water Hazards (including lateral), or

    • if you wish to be quizzed about an unplayable Ball as well, you would select 28 - Unplayable Ball
    • If you don't want to limit the selection don't choose any Rules.
Note that if there are not enough questions of the type you select, you may get fewer quiz questions than you requested.

How else is MyGolfRules different than Instant Quizzes

  • First, you have to either create a User Name and password or login through Facebook or Twitter. MyGolfRules can only be accessed by logging in (see Registration for details about creating a User Name and logging in).
  • Next, if you look to the left hand side of your screen you will see a link, Create MyQuiz Instant Quiz. Once you save a quiz you will start to see other links there as well
    • Missed Questions Quiz,
    • Today's Missed Questions Quiz, and
    • Take Saved Quiz
  • Please note that the Missed Questions Quiz and Today's Missed Questions Quiz include questions from Saved Quizzes only. Therefore even if you don't wish to retake the quiz, save it anyway so that you can retake the missed questions.